Sunday, August 12, 2012

Improper English

I am long overdue for another blog entry. My only excuse is that the school has kept me extraordinarily busy to the point where when I get home in the evenings all I want is a cup of tea, some food, and my bed. My real life diary that I keep has been very neglected as well.

For the moment I'm just going to do a short entry, but I wanted to share the following clips from Good Morning Vietnam. I saw it for the first time in many years the other day and the English lessons had me in stitches, because they're very true to life as a language teacher.

Many of students, once they find out I'm American, get excited and start asking me about pop culture stuff from America and asking how to really curse or insult somebody. The teachers are strictly not allowed to curse in front of the students so such lessons have to be done secretly outside of class, but many of them want to learn that much more than grammatically correct proper English.

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  1. Ah, robin's secret swearing school. I like it. I can think of some fantastic insults that you could teach people. I should make a comprehensive list. You know, it's for the good of all those learning the language.