Saturday, September 22, 2012

One Year Recap

I have been abroad for a year now! I got on a plane in Boston on September 21, 2011 and arrived in a very dazed and jetlagged state in London on September 22, 2011

I think this calls for a recap!

-Left New England right at the beginning of autumn so I saw some of the bright colours of Vermont before I left.

-Left Logan International Airport, had a six hour flight followed by a ten hour layover in Reykjavik and then a two or three hour flight to London.

-Entered Old England

-Brief Stay in London before going north to Yorkshire to the Reids and spending some time looking at some really amazing abbey ruins and eating amazing cheeses. Also saw my aunt get her certificate as a lay reader in Yorkminster.

Yorkshire Moors
Fountains Abbey by floodlight
Whitby Abbey: Interior
Whitby Abbey

-A couple of months in Nottingham with Tam where I fell in love with Bromley House Library, did some family history stuff including reading some of my grandfather's diaries, and taking side trips to places like Oxford and Cambridge.

Bromley House Library
Chatsworth House
-Back to Yorkshire again where I learned about Christmas pudding.

-Christmas, New Year's, then Prague.

-Prague: earned my TEFL certificate, stupidly fell for a scam and lost money. Drank lots of beer and made lots of art but not a lot of money.

Prague: Main Square in winter
Prague: Main Square at Easter
-England again: this time spending the summer in Cambridge working at a TEFL summer school with very long hours which meant I was nearly working constantly for the 2.5 months while there. However, did go punting and took a side trip to Ely.

King's College Cambridge
Ely: Exterior
Ely: Interior

-Next job search as the summer school was winding down which meant doing skype interviews with schools in China, Russia, Spain, Italy, and Turkey. Turned down by the schools in Italy, but offered a job in Vic.

-Flew to Vic really really soon after being given the job offer.

That brings us to the present moment. Here I am in Vic and will hopefully have settled on a place to live by tomorrow.


  1. It's most excellent to hear from you! I'm glad to travelling about is going well. I am also amused by the fact that you are going to have to learn yet ANOTHER language (hoorah for being multi lingual! I am impressed!). I shall do more research on Vic to fully comprehend your predicament. Very exciting! You should email me your address. I will send you goodies that you may or may not have ever wanted! I am a little sad because this sounds like you are not going to be back in the states in time for Christmas. Another Robinless holiday! Sigh. But, I am excited for you about the new job and locale! Can't wait to see more photos. Happy equinox!

  2. Fear not my farming friend, I have every intention of being in Vermont for Christmas!